Gone Girl (2014)

Do you love your wife? Do both of you complement each other? What’s the secret of marriage? All these questions and many more are answered by David Fincher in this beautifully narrated thriller. Do you know that your marriage can make or break you? But you are still going to take your chances, isn’t it?

David Fincher paints a decent picture of a marriage gone wrong but with his own unique style. He does it with a thriller. We all know that females are psychologically control freaks at home. But the extent is unpredictable. It grows from none to some and later some to boom. It is an intrinsic character of a female to practice such an art for a prolonged period of time. Some keep it just enough to lead a peaceful life but some exaggerates to spice up the things. In our thriller, Amy (Rosamund Pike) does exactly the same thing. Personally, I had experienced such a girl in my life but my prejudgement helped me to never get involved. And I fear the very institution of marriage because of the said reason. I know marriage is the heavenly thing for most of us and it is about finding a soul mate. But this beautiful and real world is mostly about compromises and passion. The balance between both is mandatory.

Gone Girl explores a situation when it becomes difficult to decide whether you are trapped in a relationship or cruising ahead. I hope that the content of the movie is inspired by some careful study of the most lovable couple. Even the most lovable couple have domestic fights or difference of opinion. But not every time it leads to a situation where a Gone Girl can be conceived. And I still hope that marriage works when both participants excite each other.

The movie ends with a note that when you are completely trapped in a relationship, you are left with no choice but to enjoy the bumpy ride. I hope that’s not your story.