PK (2014)

Yet another movie, yet another controversy and I’m writing yet again. PK is something which is in-digestive not for God-men and its followers but to some youth as well. I came across with some in my last few reviews as well. To make matter worse, these offended youths and followers have one point in common. They never watch the movie but still have decisive opinions about it. The situation is disturbing and rattling. Where are we heading? In my personal experience, 70 percent of the youth of modern India does not have scientific temper. They simply rely on age old cliches and blind faith. Ironically, I live in a country where our electronic media is on one hand exposing God-men and putting them behind bars but in another telecasting their shows for TRP. I don’t understand what their ethics are and where do they exist.

PK is a movie where we can somehow believe that God exists without actually seeing it. This is somewhat in contrast with the previous Oh! My God movie where we can actually see the God. PK pinpoints the ill practices of all religions. And also shows the absurdity of conversion drive by Catholics in a scene. But it somehow disturbs the sentiments of only Hindu nationalists. I failed to understand that. I don’t know whether the protests are promoting the movie or increasing the biased opinions and prejudices. On one hand, Mr. Lal Krishn Advani is endorsing the movie and on the other their fringe groups are creating menace in theaters.

PK is well acted and well narrated. The screenplay and direction is a little off the hook. Some scenes are crude and not well covered under the blanket of direction. In my personal view, I can rank PK alongside 3 Idiots but not with Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Rahe Munnabhai. Both Munnabhai movies were somewhat qualitative and rich. The humor was subtle and not cheap. But if we can watch Comedy Nights with Kapil gleefully then I hope we can digest the PK humor as well.