Predestination (2015)

Philosophies and theories could bore you to death and many of us believe that a sane theory such as Science should be developed and nurtured until it reaches a point to be accepted as Law. It might well be confusing to understand but there’s always a thin line between a philosophy and science. Now, imagine a situation where a philosophy could rewrite itself and be developed into a full grown Science. Would you ever accept that? Peter Spierig would.

This movie deserves more absorption than understanding. You could easily dislike it while watching. But in order to absorb it well, you should probably keep your calm and watch it till the very end. The movie explores two basic philosophies or say theories, “What came first, chicken or egg?” and “Eternal Recurrence”. It’s being said officially that it’s based on a short story “All you zombies” by Robert Heinlein but I would rather not focus on that angle. It was almost a Déjà vu for me considering that I watched Looper and Back to the Future 2. But I would still rate it somewhere close to both. Performances aren’t that great or appealing but the direction covers it well. Without revealing much of the story, I would recommend to waste your precious time and watch it.

Note: Don’t come back and mock me that it was rather a one man/woman show. 😀