Daredevil: Season 1 and 2

Do you think it is an added advantage being a catholic? I might agree to the notion but you may wonder what’s the connection here. Consider yourself lucky if you needed a shrink, and chose to only visit the priest instead. Imagine the amount of money you would be saving for yourself. Food for thought, isn’t it? Marvel’s Daredevil seems to have adopted this idea and so far has been a success on Netflix.

The show protagonist, Charlie Cox, chooses to believe that even the worst of people deserves a second chance. That has been the story so far with all the superheroes but none of them actually pulled the catholic angle in the story. But it is Daredevil and so more obvious considering the amount of retakes in the original comic book story. In the beginning, it looked as if the entire story is just the melodrama of Stan Lee’s take on Daredevil. Later, the story started adopting characters from the comic book writer, Frank Miller. In the comic book, Frank Miller wanted to showcase Daredevil as an anti-hero but I don’t think that Netflix is thinking on those lines. The series writer for the Netflix’s Daredevil is Drew Goddard. Considering his writing skills he would definitely choose a better angle in the coming seasons. Drew Goddard also penned Cloverfield, The Cabin in the Woods, World War Z, and The Martian. So now you know what I’m saying.

Season one was all about Matt Murdock and his journey to become Daredevil confronting Kingpin. Season two is more about experimenting with Frank Miller’s characters. The inclusion of Punisher (Frank Castle) adds value to the story in Season two. Although Kingpin and Punisher were originally the characters in The Amazing Spiderman comics, but were drawn into Daredevil to lift the premise. I believe Frank Miller’s ninja characters are more important considering the story of Elektra. It will be interesting to see how Drew writes the story of resurrection of Elektra and explores her evil side. Frankly, I’m clueless about what Season three would yield.

The look and feel of the show is excellent. The cinematographic shots are cleverly taken. The background score is great. John Paesano did a commendable job in composing the title theme. Lastly, I would say give Netflix’s Daredevil a shot if you are bored with the D.C. Comics’ Gotham pulling story from all the ends. Of course, I don’t want to start another fight between the DC Comics and the Marvel. 🙂