Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition): 2016

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice (Ultimate Edition) should have been released in the theatres. It would have survived the grunt and the agony of the critics. This edition finally sets the tone for the Justice League. Each character received a good length of screen space. Not only Batman (Bruce Wayne from Gotham played by Ben Affleck), Superman (Clark Kent from Smallville played by Henry Cavill), Lex Luther (played by Jesse Eisenberg) and Wonder Woman (Diana Prince from Amazon played by Gal Gadot) received a good share of screen time but we could clearly see the other meta-humans. The Flash (Barry Allen of Star city played by Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Arthur Curry of Atlantis played by Jason Mamoa), and Cyborg (Victor Stone from Star Labs played by Ray Fisher).

While decrypting Lex Luther’s military grade information, Batman deciphered the presence of other meta-humans living on Earth. It is still debatable as to which version of Earth they belong. Having watched Greg Berlanti’s creation of The Flash (Barry Allen played by Grant Gustin) on CW, it is almost impossible to rule out the phenomena of multiverse on big screen. Ezra Miller (Barry Allen on big screen) might have arrived too early to give information to Batman that Lois Lane is the key for the formation of Justice League. If she dies, it would lead to a trail of unprecedented dark events where Superman is all set to destroy the Batman with the help of Parademons. Surprisingly, Bruce dreamed of a similar dark event while decrypting the Lex Luther’s military grade information. This should have been conveyed by The Flash instead because he only knows the reality of the parallel universe. But I am hopeful that Bruce somehow had memories of that parallel universe too. We would definitely have to wait and see how the portrayal of this event happens in the The Flash movie which is set to be released in 2022.

Zack also introduced the Mother Box in one of the footage of Star Labs where Victor Stone was getting transfomed into Cyborg. The other two Mother Boxes could be seen in the hands of Steppenwolf just before Lex Luther got arrested. One thing that still disturbs me is that when Bruce was all set to avenge Superman in a childish fight, how come he didn’t figure or research that Clark Kent is Superman and his mother’s name is also Martha. This one scene sequence just takes everything away from the movie. All the other hard work done by Zack Snyder goes unnoticed. At least this is what happened to me in the theatres. But I was all prepared for the Ultimate Edition and so I could swallow this harsh pill.

I personally like when there is a serious tone given to such movies otherwise what’s the point really, one could always watch Marvel movies. The movies from the Marvel Universe never explores the seriousness in the plot. I could never understand if Marvel deliberately does this or the writers and the directors are too dumb. DC and Warner Bros are actually all set to release an array of movies: Justice League and Wonder Woman in 2017, The Flash and Aquaman in 2018, Justice League Part Two in 2019, and Cyborg and Green Lantern Corps in 2020. Wait, you could see Suicide Squad in 2016 too.