Suicide Squad: 2016

Let’s set some things straight first, Suicide Squad is a very bad movie. The script and its direction only makes it worse. Warner Bros. and the D.C. comics will have to come up with some decent writers and directors now. Their last two movies are just disasters. The only thing that could possibly save them would be a proper mix of people and plot. When I say people, I mean someone who could actually understand the storyline of the D.C. comics and then adapt it properly for the big screen. It’s funny but they should at least get rid of Zack Snyder and David Ayer.

In Batman Vs Superman, the climax showed us that Superman is dead and the world was at dismay. The movie Suicide Squad then leads us to a world where officials are preparing themselves for the worst. Amanda Waller, the chief of A.R.G.U.S, then comes up with a team of bad people. However, this team is still not enough as one of the members, Harley Quinn, is the girlfriend of Joker who escapes the prison at the end. Of course, the Joker made it possible. So the post credit scene then treats us with the promise of Justice League. This just makes the proper sense and the connection between the three movies. And I totally understand the intent but it still fails at so many levels to even get the proper treatment it would have otherwise deserved.

The script of the movie is poorly written and just bores the audience big time for at least one and a half hours. The character of Joker played by Jared Leto neither does a bad job nor a good one. Batman (played by Ben Affleck) did make an appearance for the audience. But the Flash (played by Ezra Miller) was given only few seconds on the screen. Also, the mention of the people from another dimension and the showdown of the mystical powers should have been given more screen time and a proper storyline. Otherwise, what’s really the point of watching some mindless shooting and the attitude. It would be harsh to say but it is true that Marvel still manages to blend the plot with the proper script.

If you still want to watch Suicide Squad, you should move to the small screen adaptation of the D.C. comics, Arrow (created by Greg Berlanti). In episode 16 of Season 2, you could actually see the Suicide Squad. This version is still better than the one on the big screen. And if you are a big fan of other dimensions, I would recommend my personal favorite, The Flash (also available on the small screen).

D.C. comics on the small screen is already doing a great job and I still don’t understand why the actors, writers, and directors can’t be utilized for the big screen movies. The only interest that I am left with the D.C. comics is to see the Flashpoint in The Flash (on small screen) and one episode where The Flash reunites Black Canary and Arrow from different worlds. This might very well be the storyline of The Flash season 3 and Arrow season 5. For those who are still wondering to what I just said, my advice to them would be to try the small screen for a change.