The Night of: Season 1

What best could be done for a Pakistani-American in an era where every muslim is linked and treated to be a suicide bomber? Nothing much really. The only way that could possibly pamper both the sides, one being American and the other a Pakistani, is a condition of a perfect deadlock. A situation that we sometimes arrive at while using our computers. A point where we tend to forcefully shutdown the entire system. This is the only solution that could be offered to a Pakistani-American in a case where all the circumstantial evidence says otherwise.

Richard Price and Steven Zaillian together had pulled a perfect crime-thriller where the current socio-political crisis forces it to be treated only as a riveting television drama. This is not a limiting factor by any means but in fact could generate varied opinions and multiple branches for a perfect crime-thriller later. I believe that Steven Zaillian is too good to still manage and demonstrate a perfect story-telling in the midst of all the chaos. But I’m afraid that this might not be the case as his intentions were clear to just make a standalone crime drama only for one season.

The Night of is a story involving a Pakistani-American who wakes up in a house he spent the night of, with a dead body kept upstairs. The sudden chill of not making an error any further later makes him the prime suspect of the case. To his dire state, he was held up by two policemen right across the corner of the street. And his attempt to escape the night ended brutally when he took the suspected murder weapon with him. To add up more, he also took his father’s cab for spending the night without permission. The plot might appear simple up till this point but has so many unaccounted variables yet to be discovered. But I hope that those eight episodes had sufficient material to end the story of Naz as is.

Riz Ahmed and John Turturro both showed us the acting skills that needs to be appreciated in every possible sense. And not to forget Bill Camp as a detective who is looking to end yet another successful case for his retirement. The premise that they were all put through was not only tough but engaging as well. There was always this constant eye of judgement passed onto the viewers to look through. This in itself speaks for the perfect direction and acting.

Zaillian is an excellent writer and Marsh is an astonishing director. Mr. Zaillian has a long list of exceptionally good scripts under his bag such as Schindler’s List, Hannibal, Gangs of New York, Moneyball, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Mr. Marsh is known for his work on Man on Wire and Theory of Everything. With the baggage of such accomplishments, one could easily expect a thrilling second season preferably with a different story. I could only hope that they would still going to treat us with another season of The Night of.