Sully: 2016

How do you feel when you board an aircraft? That sudden shake in the middle of nowhere and at such an altitude might not frighten everyone but it certainly does to me. I also know the fact that air turbulence doesn’t cause any harm but who could tell for sure if the flight attendants are momentarily speaking the truth. Alright, I am not a paranoid person and certainly do not want you to become one either. I’m not the right person to tell you about the aircraft or the flight but trust me, Clint Eastwood has it’s own way of portraying the things aptly.

The story about the Airbus A320-214 of US Airways Flight 1549 is not ordinary at all. The flight captain, Chesley Sullenberger (played by Tom Hanks in the movie) might have more ways of describing the incident but the movie Sully has already made it right. The slow pace of the movie might not appeal to everyone but it is necessary to sync the audience with the events and the psychology around it. Blu Murray, the editor, has spread the scenes of that dramatic incident quite beautifully over the entire movie. The audience too gets the opportunity to revisit those high adrenaline scenes as and when Captain Sully tries to remember.

That not so ordinary incident did end good for all the 155 passengers but Captain Sully was reprimanded straight into the scrutiny. Several flight simulations were made to enact the same sequence of events. These simulations are good for flight training but sometimes become redundant while recreating such incidents. There’s always this important element called the human factors missing from such simulations which could otherwise yield slightly skewed results (or, more closer to the reality). Captain Sully was finally able to justify his intentions with the tact of timing. That very reason why human factors are more essential to be accounted for in trials.

The cinematography and the computer generated graphics are excellent in the entire movie and it works even without those famous three dimensions. The movie is also complimented very well with the subtle background score. Along with these technicalities, the acting is again of top-notch quality. Tom Hanks doesn’t even need any explicit mentioning of his acting skills as we all know that he always does it right. The short role played by Aaron Eckhart is quite amusing at times especially during the trial. The best part is that the over-the-top dramatic scenes are kept out of the movie.

There was this controversy of not portraying the federal department in good light in lieu of the actual incident. And I do not know if it is true at all. So don’t worry and go watch the miracle on the big screen. Captain Sully might not be around for you as he retired few years back and started living a peaceful life with his family and so there might not be another miracle happening soon. Till then be ready to, “Embrace for impact !”