The Accountant : 2016

There are only handful of action movies that are properly edited and directed. The list is narrow and I can only name a few, such as Training Day, Shooter, Pride and Glory, and The Equalizer. Denzel Washington, Tom Hardy, Mark Wahlberg, and Edward Norton are known to be specialists in their domain but when it comes to Ben Affleck, there is always this possibility for things to go haywire. He ruined Daredevil and now he is ruining Batman. Although the dismal performance of the Batman franchise is more to do with the poor direction of Zack Snyder but Ben Affleck isn’t going to escape the burnt.

Gavin O’ Connor is not a very well known director and neither the writer Bill Dubuque. But there are times when things just work. The Accountant is an example of it. This one movie is certainly going to bring back Ben Affleck from his dire state. The Accountant is set as an action-thriller and unfolds the story of an autistic boy. His difficult childhood was supported and groomed very well by his father and his little brother. The less you know, the more you will be thrilled with the direction at the later stages of the movie. This one tone has been set by Gavin O’ Connor to pull things up wherever or whenever necessary. And this is what was required. A movie which is slow paced but still has ample to give just at the right moments. The script is properly written and draws you back and forth in the life of Christian Wolff.

Asides the direction, the acting is awesome. Cynthia Addai-Robinson is amazing in her performance and so is J. K. Simmons. Anna Kendrick looks cute and could appeal to be the favorite kid among all the actors. I mean she just doesn’t look like a woman yet. Jon Bernthal has just started showing his talent. I noticed his performance in the series Daredevil as well and he is capable of much more than that.

Overall, the movie covers all the bases and puts closure to all the open questions at the end. The opening scene has been kept as a secret and is used subtly in the climax to support the cause. The reason why J. K. Simmons kept saying in the movie that the mission was more to do with the team effort is something that makes a good plot for a sequel. I would expect a story about that mysterious woman who kept calling Mr. Wolff (played by Ben Affleck) and Mr. King (played by J. K. Simmons). I think that Gavin O’ Connor is planning for a perfect sequel.