Iron Fist: 2017

Marvel Universe is expected to launch The Defenders in September, 2017. The preparations were such so as to introduce all the lead characters before the launch. Finn Jones was chosen to play the character of Iron Fist. He is the most important character for the series of The Defenders. The others, Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter), Daredevil (played by Charlie Cox), and Jessica Jones (played by Krysten Ritter) will only be following the build-up. Therefore, the story of Iron Fist was more important.

Critics from all over have criticized this new series and especially the lead actor, Finn Jones. To some extent, I also agree. Finn Jones is the most pathetic looking Iron Fist and his acting is terrible. During the show, you might come up with an emotion as to why this character is so weak and fragile. This is happening due to the fact that we all have already watched the best of the lot, Daredevil. Charlie Cox has played the character so well that others in the Marvel Universe just look pathetic and vulnerable. To my understanding, the debate about the color or race of the lead character is just not the case. Iron Fist could be anyone. The things that matter are screenplay, direction, and acting. Finn Jones has been given the most important story with the weakest screenplay.

The television adaptation of Iron Fist comes up with a twisted tale of the original comic version. The background story about the parents of Danny Rand is just not there yet. The plot avoided the original story of the city of K’un-L’un and how Danny got his powers. I am only hoping that we would be able to see more in the upcoming seasons. This has seriously weakened the entire plot. The build-up to his character has lost respect in the minds of most viewers. This could have been avoided if they just copied the style of DC’s Arrow. I know that DC and Marvel would never agree on anything and so we have to bear the consequences. But I can assure you that Marvel’s Iron Fist storyline still has some interesting characters. Marvel is actually getting good at serious portrayal of the other characters (with the exception of Danny Rand). DC’s Arrow failed in that department.

Trevor Morris has carefully crafted the theme music for the series. The special effects were, however, not up to the mark. Scott Buck is the creator for the series of Marvel’s Iron Fist. He has also created Dexter (2006) series. It would be too harsh to say that he just didn’t like Iron Fist (or the character of Danny Rand) and so he focused more on the other characters, but it would still be true. Despite all the loopholes, the series Iron Fist is still better than Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. I would recommend the show for casual viewing with a disclaimer that Drew Goddard’s Daredevil and Scott Buck’s Iron Fist should not be compared side-by-side and should be watched with a slightly lower expectation.