Spiderman: Homecoming 2017

Aunt May finally knows the secret about his nephew, Peter Parker. Jon Watts subtly put the scene where Aunt May (May Parker played by Marisa Tomei) sees her nephew dressed up as a Spider-man. Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios finally get the act right. Homecoming treat is what viewers always wanted to see. The life of Peter Parker (played by Tom Holland) as a high school kid and his journey to make his act perfect to help others is the essence. The wit and humor around this character is the charm of the movie. The way our Spider-man should have been portrayed before and always.

Despite the fact that other characters are not fully developed, the movie excels in its presentation. I believe what Bruno Heller did for Gotham, Jon Watts used the same magic wand to fit our beloved Marvel character back to its position. It seems to be the best way to develop characters through different iterations of the movie. Personally, I am a fan of this idea. Spider-man: Homecoming is the perfect mix of the comic book series The Amazing Spider-man where the characters are carefully introduced in different scenes: Liz Allan, Betty Brant, Flash Thompson, Tinkerer, Shocker, and Scorpion.

One of the best thing that happened with the movie is its villain, The Vulture (Adrian Toomes played by Michael Keaton). By far, it is the best character of the movie (of course after Peter Parker). The character is both intimidating and cool. The act of Michael Keaton can never get unnoticed. But I hope that the next iteration (sequel) will show us Spider-man battling Scorpion (mix of issue of #20 and #29 from The Amazing Spider-man comic book series). Sony Pictures, however, seems to be very keen in launching a Sinister Six movie without Spider-man (similar to Suicide Squad from DC Comics).

The chemistry between Peter Parker and Tony Stark has been very well explored. Tony Stark as a mentor for Spider-man is something the fans always wanted to see. And Peter’s conviction in the end to stay grounded propels the story further. This could very well mean that the next villain could be someone not related to the Civil War or Avengers. My eyes are wide open to see Kraven, The Hunter in the sequel. But I think that Scorpion will make its way to the sequel as the post-credit scene should account for something.

Michael Giacchino also excels in putting the best score for the movie. His composition hints very strong at the teenage likes and life. Jon Watts direction is scintillating but I am not sure about the characters Michelle (She says that her friends call her “MJ”) and Aaron Davis (Uncle of Miles Morales who is the future Spider-man in Marvel comic book series) and how he thinks to portray in the sequels. Also, there might be more scenes in the Blu-ray release, so wait and watch-out for more.