Dunkirk: 2017

Having seen both the movie and its review from two very different personalities, it is now getting difficult for me to choose sides. The maker, Christopher Nolan, has his own view of representing and handpicking one of the most gruesome historical events during World War II. His presentation reflecting the events on different timelines for each sub-plot is interesting and at the same time confusing for some. The events on the harbor was set for one week (primarily focused on the actor Fionn Whitehead), the events on the sea was set for one day (focused on Mark Rylance), and the events in air was set for one hour (focused on Tom Hardy). The direction and story-telling at such levels may hinder the common sense if it’s already been missed for a prolonged period. Bringing Ms. Khalifa (an internet sensation as many would like to refer) into the debate hardly gives people choice over choosing sides. But the cinematographic appeal of the movie is tempting and so is Ms. Khalifa. Hence, my pain and agony is evident.

The movie focuses on the evacuation operation code named Operation Dynamo instead. I believe others would have easily chosen the Battle of Dunkirk as the plot but Mr. Nolan always has his own pickings. Operation Dynamo was a successful event in history and so in the movie but the battle was a failure for the allied forces. The horror and survival instincts both were mixed and presented diligently by Mr. Nolan. Together with Hans Zimmer and Hoyte van Hoytema; Christopher Nolan has provided the ultimate visual and audio experience to the horror of World War II. The class direction without shedding blood on screen is a treat in itself. Similar to the movie Sully, Dunkirk has no dependency on three dimensional effects for the visual treat.

The recurring actors from Nolan’s team were aptly placed on screen and the new ones were chosen carefully. These actors are mostly British and hence the accent. Ms. Khalifa couldn’t hear the dialogue clearly partly due to the funny British accent and partly due to the Hans Zimmer’s background score. The most disturbing part of her review was when she got confused about the timeline and if that event had actually ended World War II in 1940 (and not in 1945). Nevertheless, she now has a Youtube account out of sheer love for Mr. Nolan. This might not be very useful for my future survival but could be a big deal in bringing her back to the present universe.

Although Dunkirk is not the best work of Mr. Nolan (I think I agree with Ms. Khalifa here) but is easily the best survival war-crime drama. The screenplay of the movie, in most parts, is cliched. This I was not expecting from Mr. Nolan because I read somewhere that it is a masterpiece. Personally and in my opinion, it is not a masterpiece but is surely a refreshing and visual treat from a clean directional point of view on any war-crime drama.