Iron Fist: Season 2

It may be out of context but having hopped several uncivilised cities in India, a firm understanding is now established in my mind. Nobody can pass a judgement on, or understand, a city merely from the word of mouth. People’s own experience are always different from others. Marvel presents the city of New York as the only playground of world. Almost every important thing is linked to it. Why? Just an obsession really.

An inhabitant of the city of Kun’ lun (somewhere around Himalayan range in Tibet or Nepal or India) chooses to enforce his birthright in New York. Danny Rand’s obsession can be understood but Davos’ (played by Sacha Dhawan) is simply unacceptable. There are so many cities around Tibet which could use the purpose of Iron Fist but New York is the centre point of Marvel Universe and so be it.

Ever since Matt Murdock (Daredevil) disappeared, Danny Rand understood that it is his duty now to save New York. The screenplay of the series was ridiculed before and is still laughable in Season 2. Actors asides Finn Jones, have the potential to uplift the show to next level. The introduction of the character Bloody Mary (played by Alice Eve) is probably the only thing that’s intriguing. Despite this, poor story line (or screenplay) is the real culprit that brings the quality of this show to the ground. There’s simply nothing in the show to watch the entire series. I watched it and waited to see the teaser of Daredevil Season 3. And that was it.

The most funny sequence of events has been preserved for the very last moment of season 2. Despite giving up his iron fist to his girlfriend, Danny Rand has been shown glowing up both of his fists somewhere in Japan. It could have been depicted better but no. I waited entire season to watch Danny Rand glowing his fists while holding two guns and firing two bullets to cancel the third one. At this very moment, I decided to finally write about this.

Having said everything bad about this series, I would still prefer it over Jessica Jones or Luke Cage. The reason might just be one that martial arts is intriguing on screen but Daredevil’s portrayal is much better and entertaining.